Media Village for Paris 2024

At the crossroads between the towns of Dugny, Le Bourget and La Courneuve, the media village, planned on the edge of the Aire des Vents, has a twofold ambition:
- To welcome 1,300 housing units in continuity from the town of Dugny to the footbridge crossing the A1 to reach Le Bourget. - To promote links between the three parks of G. Valbon, the Aire des Vents and the Parc des Sports in Le Bourget.
- Place the construction of the district in a landscape of edges that favours time access to nearby facilities.
The project is built around an approach favouring the legacy of the Olympic facilities for the inhabitants after the time of the Olympic Games, universal accessibility of public and private spaces and zero carbon construction.


Construction soon


TVK architectes-urbanistes / OLM Paysagistes (Philippe Coignet • Christelle Monnier • Elise Triacca • Ahyoung Gu • Guillaume Boehm) / Base Paysagistes / Urban Eco / Y Ingénierie / Ville Ouverte / RR&A / ON concepteur lumière / Duval Conseil




80 ha


Dialogue compétitif



Maitre d'ouvrage


Coût du projet

51 M€ HT

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