ZAC écoquartier de Bongraine, Aytré - La Rochelle

The team Une Autre Ville, Le Sens de la Ville programming and consultation, OLM landscape architects, SATHY urban architects, Tipee and MA-GEO Engineers won the10-year master agreement regarding the urban ecology and works management mission for the construction of the ZAC écoquartier de Bongraine of 35 hectares in the south of La Rochelle with the ambition of carbon neutrality of the territory by 2040.
The site of Bongraine, located on the city of Aytré, is situated on its south-east limits about 500 meters for the Atlantic Sea coast. It's interfacing urban and littoral landscapes, near the Port des Minimes.
The 35 hectare perimeter is mainly a railway wasteland used as a railway depot from1923 until the 90's when sports and commercial activities implanted on its edges.
The main goals of the project :
- to give affordable, diverse and qualitative housing to the main population,
-to encourage the use of alternative transportations to conceive a well conected neighbourhood,
- to propose an innovatif project, enhancing the environment by favoring the sobriety,
- to imagine a neighbourhood pleasant to live in and animated, helping creating urban and social ties.