Max-on-Senne, Maximilien Park, Brussels

The goals of the project are to re-open the Senne to the open air on more than 650 meters, to give more visibility to the Maxmilien farm relocated on the slab from the Foyer Laekenois and to multiply the uses of the park for the residents of the neighbourhood.

We propose a method of co-construction based as much on the existing richness as on the mistakes from the past urbanism. By considering each subject in a constructive and attentive way, our project means to "make do" with the materials, the existing constructions, the associations, the neighbours, the trees and the animals.



Winner of the competition


OLM landscape & urban architects / Bureau Studie Jouret ingénieurs / Hbaat architectes / Ouest architecture / Dédale concertation et médiation / Up&Cie environnement / AGT hydraulique / IMDC / Vectris mobilité / Util / Zygma / RYA / Eveka sécurité et santé


Parc Maximilien, Brussels


9,5 ha





Maitre d'ouvrage

Bruxelles Environnement in collaboration with Bruxelles Mobilité and the City of Brussels

Coût du projet

14,6 M€ HT

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