ZAC des Tartres, Stains, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Saint-Denis

The ZAC des Tartres benefits from a strong landscape identity, anchored in agricultural and vegetable production dynamics. One of the challenge in the development of the public spaces in this area will be to ensure this identity is continued into the public spaces. The areas are developped in five forms : la rue d'Amiens, the south stroll - the east stroll with the housing area paths, the gentle paths, the places and the planted spaces with the construction of gathering and inflitration spaces for the rainwater.


Phase 1 completed


OLM paysagistes & urbanistes / CL Infra / Atelier Coup d’Eclat / Atelier d’Ecologie Urbaine


ZAC des Tartres du Bas, Stains, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Saint-Denis


8,4 ha


Appel d'offres



Maitre d'ouvrage

Plaine Commune Développement

Coût du projet

10,9 M€ HT

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