Luxembourg in transition 2050

The urban-architectural and landscape consultation entitled Luxembourg in Transition aims to gather strategic spatial planning proposals for the low-carbon and sustainable future of the Luxembourg functional region towards 2050.

With the global environmental urgency, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg considers having a territorial strategy based on a citizens' consensus. It will be formed by a long chain of decisions and actions aiming to reverse the activities contributing to the climate change (transition) whilst trying to limitate its impact on the way of life and biodiversity (resiliency). This will guarantee a healthy development of the biosphere.

Luxembourg in Transition gathered several multidisciplinary teams during three big steps leading to scenarios of ecological transition for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and neighbouring border territories. They were translated into iconic and concrete projects. To outline such an evolution, the selected teams were invited to create visionary and efficient tools, methods and devices, through an intense multidisciplinary work with the Luxembourg functional region as the main subject.

Even with such a territory considered of a modest size compared to the european and planetary scale, it's most of all about considering Luxembourg in Transition as a labotory which success could have a leverage effect with a greater efficiency.




University of Luxembourg (UL), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL), Institute for Organic Agriculture Luxembourg (IBLA), OLM paysagistes & urbanistes




2.600 km²


Consultation européenne



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Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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