Saint-Sever Nouvelle Gare, Rouen

The project management contract of the Saint-Sever Nouvelle Gare neighbourhood is 31 hectares wild and ambitions to prepare the integration of the new train station planned for 2035.

The goal is to answer the ecological and social transition challenges of Rouen Métropole by integrating the train station in the Valley of the Seine, by highlighting the everyday links of the two banks, by creating an intermodality of streams and reasoned density.

Hereby, we propose questioning the way to conceive, in this new century, the local arrival of an infrastructure sized for the metropole. From the layout of the new railway line from Paris in Normandy to meeting the inhabitants and users of the transitionning neighbourhood, we will make sure this big project is an occasion to propose new balances on the scales of the city and the metropole.


In progress


OLM paysagistes & urbanistes / MG-AU architectes / Une Autre Ville / Ingetec / Alphaville / Socio en Ville / Kairos / Cronos / Travée / Impédance / Systra / Bleu Blanc Vert


Quartier Saint-Sever


31 ha


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Métropole Rouen Normandie

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