ZAC Haute Maison et Hauts de Nesles, Champs-sur-Marne

Around the Noisy-Champs train station, where a line exists and two more will arrive, our team is drawing the urban and landscape development of the two areas.
To the south, the ZAC Haute-Maison revolves around the Cité Descartes already well completed. Our work on this urban entity is about revitalising an aera where most of the public space is dedicated to cars and the greenery isn’t appropriate enough for the students.
To the north, the ZAC des Hauts-de-Nesles is created around the road infrastructures which typology is now obsolete.


Work in progress


Anyoji Beltrando architectes-urbanistes / OLM Paysagistes / Le Bruit du Frigo / Studio Vicarini / Filigrane / Plateau urbain / Une Autre Ville / Amoes / Ingetec / BIM in motion


ZAC Haute Maison et Hauts de Nesles, Champs-sur-Marne


161 ha


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Coût du projet

47 M€ HT

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